Client Success & Praise

This experience with Christine Horn has been Amazing. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. I've learned so much. Very informative and definitely worth every penny! The way she teaches makes you comfortable and wanting more. I love the fact that she's a straight shooter and takes her time to break down every lesson to where you understand clearly. You definitely have lots of aha moments! Had someone taken me by the hand like she does( literally) along time ago, i would be way more advanced in my career. She gives you the right tools to work on your craft which gives you all the confidence you need to go in front of anyone and show your stuff. I'm less fearful now because i really feel confident knowing that I know what i'm doing and knowing now that Casting Directors are actually on your side and want you to be the one. I'm not intimidated anymore . Honestly speaking i haven't had a lot of auditions, roles was given to me without having too. Now i'm putting myself out there more, so being prepared with this knowledge she brings makes the experience less fearful and more enjoyable. 

Thank you Christine. You freaken Rock!