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What Is HBA?

Founded by Actress Christine Horn, Hollywood Bound Actors is a global collective of actors who are on a mission to elevate their careers AND their lives. They desire to master strategies to book starring roles in Film and Television…over, and over, and over again.

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If you’re hungry for a supportive community of actors who will cheer you on instead of tearing you down…

If you’re ready to learn next-level strategies to crush your auditions…

If you’re ready to get step-by-step instructions on how to break into television and film…

If you pumped up and ready to leap into learning how to market yourself to industry insiders…

If you are ready to turn that burning desire in your belly to see yourself on the BIG or small screens…

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With Christine Horn as your mentor and guide, get ready to be a part of the #1 community for actors. Enjoy informative live streams, an active Facebook community + live, community events.

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Our 4-Step Methodology: “Master Your M.A.M.A.”

Mindset: Auditioning, not booking, dealing with life, nerves and exhaustion can sometimes make you feel like you are about to lose it. You will learn how to deal with the ebbs and flows of the entertainment industry while living a balanced life. You will learn to silence that inner critic and push past those limiting beliefs that have held you back. The vibe you will put out there is one that says you are WORTH it, you DESERVE it, and you CAN make it happen!

Acting Technique: To make it in this business, you MUST focus on your craft. You will gain the skills needed to make the Camera your BFF. You will improve your on-camera presence and technique, your self-tape, and demo reels. You will learn how to approach scripts so you can create multi-dimensional characters. All the marketing in the world can’t fix bad acting. Don’t be a bad actor.

Marketing: You will learn to market yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. You will build genuine relationships with industry insiders. You will dig deep to discover your essence, your brand, your type, so you can teach casting directors how to cast you. You will gain the confidence to OWN your social media. You will learn how to stand out and get seen in ANY market, even when the competition is FIERCE.

Audition Technique : Auditioning is a skill. You have to sharpen this skill if you are going to book more work. Don’t find out the hard way that the audition is NOT the time to practice your auditioning technique. Instead, hone this skill and practice your technique in a safe space. Learn everything from proper warm-up routines, what to take to an audition, what NOT to do at an audition, to in-person vs. camera auditioning techniques. You will get to flex your auditioning muscles before the actual audition so that when the lights go up, you’re ready for action.

After you Master your M.A.M.A., you will have the CONFIDENCE in yourself and your work to take it to the industry, instead of wishing, hoping and waiting for the industry to discover you.

You will have the CONFIDENCE to create your own opportunities.

You will have the CONFIDENCE to Book the Room, any Room.

#HBA Members Have Great Things To Say...

  • “You think you know but you have no idea. Christine’s wisdom and straight forward tools had me floored. Sometimes you need a coach to take your talent to the next level and Christine has totally been that for me. No easy way out of training and pruning."

    Charity Jordan Atlanta, GA
  • “I am so grateful for Christine Horn! After many years on the New York theater scene, she has educated me on ways to brand and market myself for TV and Film. Her methods are bold and fresh and she has challenged me to put myself 'out there' in new ways. I have begun to leverage genuine relationships I didn't even know I had to take my career to a whole new level. Friends in the industry who see the progress my career is making are now eager to work with Christine.”

    Sophia Stephens Los Angeles, CA
  • I am blown away by the amount of information and knowledge provided here. I mean, Christine Horn really pours out so much of herself to us each week. She really pushes and encourages each of us to not only be great actors through consistency, training, accountability and to be great stewards of our own careers but she also speaks life into us, helping us to be our best selves. Step by step technique and support, you can't beat that! I feel so blessed to be learning directly from such a hands-on, talented working actress. I will forever be indebted to Christine for the wealth of knowledge gained. Thanks for everything!

    Tarnesha Small Atlanta, GA
  • “This experience with Christine Horn has been Amazing. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. I've learned so much. The way she teaches makes you comfortable and wanting more. I love the fact that she's a straight shooter and takes her time to break down every lesson to where you understand clearly.”

    TC Rose Chicago, IL


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