Confessions of a Casting Director…

Have you ever wanted to get inside of a real Casting Director’s head?

Have you ever left an audition wondering what they REALLY thought about you?

I have!  

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Rudin.  She is a Casting Director, Author and Coach. She has cast everything from Broadway shows, to film and animated projects.

Do yourself a favor and check out our interview.  Jen is one of those Casting Directors who started out as an actor, so she has a deep respect for the work we do.  The insight she provides is essential to your future success.

Check out our video here.

You can also support her by purchasing her book: “Confessions of a Casting Director” here:

Until next time…

Remember, you have a gift that the world needs to see.


Christine Horn

Founder | Booking Magnet Academy

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